Monday, September 8, 2008


Even though in South Texas it doesn't feel like fall yet, I figured why not put a nice fall background.  I miss that season as it's so beautiful.  All the different leaves and colors.  The air is more crisp. 

Soccer season is set to kickoff next Saturday for the 3 older kids, and our lil Josh will start 1st Steps soccer soon also.  We decided not to do AWANA this year as we felt it was taking away from our day of rest on Sunday.  We are however starting our own family Bible Study as soon as it gets here.  It's called "our 24 family ways".  Here is a link to where we are getting it from.

We are also getting the coloring book w/ it for the kids to have an activity that goes w/ the lesson.  Praying that God will lead us as a family and bring us closer together.  Things are going well in the Yturaldi home.  The kids all love their new teachers, and we are having fun watching them learn new things and grow.  We are looking foward to visiting family again in November.  This year we will get to see Uncle Matt too.  Been 2 years since we got to see him so we are looking foward. 

Not sure any of you are following the news, but I am quite excited to get to vote this year. 

Well I hope on my next post I will have pics to go with it.  For now I am off to sleep before another Manic Monday.  Yes I loved Cyndi Lauper , oop's I mean The Bangles...thanks cousin for the correction : )

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