Friday, January 16, 2009


I am not sure who ever reads this, but we are moving! We found out last week that we are headed to Georgia in May. We just started home schooling, and now we will have to keep our home in "Show condition". I am a little nervous, but trusting that God will help me to balance everything. If you think of us please pray that we will find the right realtor by next Monday night. That is when we have the last interview. We are interviewing 3 total, and had the first one was here yesterday. Please also pray that we can get this house sold without losing any $ or if we have to very little. Home schooling is going well. We have our 1st co-op PE today. Alisha will also begin one on one violin lessons. We are still trying to get our routine set up a little better. So far we start around 8:30 w/ Bible, then move into Math, then Language(grammar for Alisha), then each child has to read for 15-20 minutes. Alisha loves reading so he reads 30 or more minutes a day. Sometimes 2 times a day. We are doing History Mon-Wed. Spelling I just started with Alisha and Gabriel as well. I had them take the beginning test, and the placement tests, so next week we will add spelling in for about 15 minutes each. I would also like to add in some science Thurs and Fridays. I ordered some handwriting curriculum which I hope will be here anyday now.
Not sure we will continue next year. For now we are taking it one day @ a time, praying for the Lord's guidance. I hope this finds you well, and hope to add some new pictures on here this weekend.

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