Thursday, June 24, 2010


Andrew(7) and Gabriel(9) drew up this exercise plan and I had to take a picture of it as I thought it was too cute.  Complete with a list of things they need, how many laps they would ride, a map and all...

Here is the Father's Day card Joshua(5 1/2) made for Daddy(1st view is the cover)


Daddy & Josh


While it is technically "Summer", we are still doing some light school work just to keep up our skills.  Alisha finished 6th grade, Gabriel finished just about all, and moved onto 3rd grade math.  Andrew is in all 2nd grade now, and Josh is moving right along in his K math, and reading skills.  Just thought I would post some pictures from our school days....enjoy : )

Here is Daniel(2 1/2) with his markers behind him.  He loves coloring w/ markers and has finally got to the point where he doesn't color himself(all the time)

The 4 oldest kids w/ our "new" piano

Daddy & kids trying it out

Mommy & Mariann in the pool

Daniel getting brave

Gabriel & Andrew

Mommy & kids on the deck Memorial Day

Daddy & The Boys setting up our new pool

"Who, me?"

Gabriel working in his new Math book

Alisha reading to her little brothers

Josh doing his Kindergarten math.  He is one smart lil man : )

Daniel picked this outfit out : )

"Like my artwork Mom?"

Andrew & Gabriel put thier stuffed animals in boxes and sent them down the stairs on a "roller coaster".   They crack me up  : )

Alisha during her 1st piano lesson

Gabriel learning how to place his hands

Andrew and his sweet piano teacher

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy 5 years in Heaven

Today marks 5 years since my Daddy went home to be w/ Jesus and I miss him a lot still.  I miss his Sunday phone calls a lot.  For at least the 1st 6 months after he was gone I still looked @ my answering machine waiting to see the light blinking.  I wish he were here today to see his other 2 grandchildren that were born after he left.  I wish my children got the oppportunity to know him.  Now that I am living on the East Coast in this big house I think of how nice it would have been to be so close to him and being able to strengthen our relationship.  I know he is in a better place and that makes me happy that is there and no longer in pain.  It doesn't take away missing him.  I cannot wait to see him again one day and just tell him I love him again.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with him....

Me, Daddy, & Marnie

My last Father's Day with my Daddy June ' 04

Mariann, 9 months old

I cannot believe that I am typing that my baby girl is 9 months old today, but she is.   She is growing so much and learning a lot too.  She is about 22lbs now and wears 18 month clothing.  She crawls all over the house and started that about a month ago.  She also can stand unattended for longer periods now and is so proud of herself.  Just tonight I noticed she is cutting her 1st bottom tooth. 

We all love having a baby girl to dress and play with.  The boys are always trying to hold her and now that she is mobile it's not as easy.  She still isn't into baby food much, but I think nursing is working just fine.  She has started drinking from a cup and loves water.  Just this week we tried White grape juice and seems to like it.  Below are some recent pictures of  baby girl, ENJOY : )

I think this was one of the 1st times she was pulling up

With Daddy @ the Lego Store

1st time in a pool

1st bath in the big tub

Crawling all over the house

Look at her standing up, such a big girl

Drinking from her cup

Here she is standing up unassisted, about 8 1/2 months old

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew

Today is my husband's birthday and I wanted to share some about him.  He is such a kind-hearted, loving, thoughtful, forgiving man.  He is an awesome Husband and Father.  His dedication to his service to country is beautiful.  He has proudly served almost 15 years now in the Air Force and makes me so proud.  In fact today he is flying, and never complained once about it.  Andrew I love you and Thank the Lord for you.  I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my husband and Father to our 6 precious children.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! : )

Husband & Wife over 12 years

Daddy & Mariann

Daddy & Alisha

Daddy & kids having fun w/ Bean Boozled

Daddy toasting Marshmellows w/ the boys

Daddy and his sleeping baby girl after a day of flying

National Museum Of Dentistry/Inner Harbor

Last Friday I took the kids into Baltimore to "The National Museum Of Dentistry" and met up with our good friends The Vernons.  After we did the museum, we had a nice picnic lunch outside the museum, and then walked about 6-7 blocks to "The Inner Harbor".  We had a very nice time, and look foward to more trips there.  It's about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 1/2 from where we are in MD and there is a lot to see and do there.   Below are some pictures ....

Here is Gabriel learning on the computer @ the museum

Henry, Hayden, Andrew, and Joshua smelling the good breathe and bad breathe they had so the kids could see the difference

Josh sitting on the tooth chair

About how much Saliva on average we produce in a day, EWW!

This is a replica of what they used for the 1st procedure used with Ether

Alisha by an old Dental Chair

Gabriel looking @ the parts of the tooth

Future Dentist Daniel

Gabriel the patient w/ plenty of Dentists to tend to him

The Yturaldi/Vernon Children

Me and my friend Jo-Ann

Downtown Baltimore

Vernon Boys w/ 3 of the Yturaldi Boys

Poor Daniel, so hot and still letting the girls have thier fun with him

Walking back to where we were parked.  Was a wonderful time even with the high temperatures the kids had so much fun.  Thanks Vernons for a fabulous day : )