Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alisha's 12th Birthday

It's hard to believe that our 1st born child is now "12!"  Alisha is sweet, caring, and always thinking of how she can help others.  She is very talented with arts and crafts and loves learning to  make new things.  She loves to bake and has made several of the birthday cakes for our family birthdays now.  She is such a blessing when it comes to caring for her younger siblings.  She is more than willing to change a diaper, help one of ther brothers with school, or read a book to one of the little ones.  She made me a Mother @ the young age of 20 and changed me in so many ways.  I am really enjoying watching her blossom in to a young lady and enjoy going shopping with her or reading a book together.  Alisha we love you and are so proud of the sweet spirit you are. 

Alisha a couple of weeks before her Birthday on her new bike

Alisha on the morning of her Birthday w/ her flowers.  Our Memorial Day weekend baby : )

Alisha before soccer(she made the sign for my bday and we just kept it up for the other May bdays)

Alisha w/ her Birthday cake that she decorated.  She insisted she wanted to do it herself and she did a fabulous job : )

She was very happy to get these shoes that she has wanted

Mommy w/ her Birthday girl.

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