Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy 5 years in Heaven

Today marks 5 years since my Daddy went home to be w/ Jesus and I miss him a lot still.  I miss his Sunday phone calls a lot.  For at least the 1st 6 months after he was gone I still looked @ my answering machine waiting to see the light blinking.  I wish he were here today to see his other 2 grandchildren that were born after he left.  I wish my children got the oppportunity to know him.  Now that I am living on the East Coast in this big house I think of how nice it would have been to be so close to him and being able to strengthen our relationship.  I know he is in a better place and that makes me happy that is there and no longer in pain.  It doesn't take away missing him.  I cannot wait to see him again one day and just tell him I love him again.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with him....

Me, Daddy, & Marnie

My last Father's Day with my Daddy June ' 04

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