Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gabriel's 9th Birthday

Gabriel turned "9" on May 15th.  I cannot believe he is ending 3rd grade.  He is getting so tall and becoming such a help with his younger siblings.  He helps get Daniel (2) dressed, brush his teeth, and enjoys entertaning Mariann(8 months).  He loves Cars, and recieved 2 remote control cars for his birthday.  He also loves Legos and enjoys building them with Andrew(7).  His best subject is Langauge and he plays on a soccer team called "The Jays."  Gabriel you are a joy and I couldn't imagine our family without you.  We love you so much : )

Gabriel w/ his "9" Cinnamon roll

Gabriel w/ 1 of his 2 new remote control cars(this one courtesy of Papa)

Gabriel opening presents

Some of the boys being boys @ the party

Gabriel w/ his racetrack cake

Mommy & the Birthday Boy

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