Friday, June 18, 2010

Mariann, 9 months old

I cannot believe that I am typing that my baby girl is 9 months old today, but she is.   She is growing so much and learning a lot too.  She is about 22lbs now and wears 18 month clothing.  She crawls all over the house and started that about a month ago.  She also can stand unattended for longer periods now and is so proud of herself.  Just tonight I noticed she is cutting her 1st bottom tooth. 

We all love having a baby girl to dress and play with.  The boys are always trying to hold her and now that she is mobile it's not as easy.  She still isn't into baby food much, but I think nursing is working just fine.  She has started drinking from a cup and loves water.  Just this week we tried White grape juice and seems to like it.  Below are some recent pictures of  baby girl, ENJOY : )

I think this was one of the 1st times she was pulling up

With Daddy @ the Lego Store

1st time in a pool

1st bath in the big tub

Crawling all over the house

Look at her standing up, such a big girl

Drinking from her cup

Here she is standing up unassisted, about 8 1/2 months old

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