Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Birthday's, oop's late

So I am not so good @ keeping up with this blog, but I hope to get better when I have some more time this summer.  My goal is 1 post per week.   I would like to pay tribute to my 2 May babies.  Gabriel turned "9" on May 15th, and Alisha turned "12" on May 29th.  Daddy had to leave for his 1st official "TDY" a couple of days before Gabriels' birthday so reality of being in the "Real Air Force" hit us fast.  We started the day off w/ home made cinnamon rolls, then off to Soccer pictures/3 soccer games for the 4 oldest kids.  We had some friends over and neighborhood boys for some water fun, and Gabriel's meal of choice, Chilli & home made cornbread.  I was so thankful for our friends The Vernons, and Galvans who helped me tremendously with that day.  Thanks to 2 awesome families!

Alisha's birthday always falls on Memorial Day weekend so hard getting many people together it seems.  Poor Daddy was sick that day.  I went out that morning to get Dunkin Donuts for all, and some pretty flowers for the birthday girl.  I took the kids back and forth for soccer games, and we just enjoyed some  nice family time as Daddy was sick and we didn't want to pass it to anyone else.  Alisha chose "Cheesey Rigatoni" for her meal and opened many presents from family and her 1 new special friend Emily.

  Next I will post some pictures & something about the Birthday Boy/Girl....

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