Thursday, June 24, 2010


While it is technically "Summer", we are still doing some light school work just to keep up our skills.  Alisha finished 6th grade, Gabriel finished just about all, and moved onto 3rd grade math.  Andrew is in all 2nd grade now, and Josh is moving right along in his K math, and reading skills.  Just thought I would post some pictures from our school days....enjoy : )

Here is Daniel(2 1/2) with his markers behind him.  He loves coloring w/ markers and has finally got to the point where he doesn't color himself(all the time)

The 4 oldest kids w/ our "new" piano

Daddy & kids trying it out

Mommy & Mariann in the pool

Daniel getting brave

Gabriel & Andrew

Mommy & kids on the deck Memorial Day

Daddy & The Boys setting up our new pool

"Who, me?"

Gabriel working in his new Math book

Alisha reading to her little brothers

Josh doing his Kindergarten math.  He is one smart lil man : )

Daniel picked this outfit out : )

"Like my artwork Mom?"

Andrew & Gabriel put thier stuffed animals in boxes and sent them down the stairs on a "roller coaster".   They crack me up  : )

Alisha during her 1st piano lesson

Gabriel learning how to place his hands

Andrew and his sweet piano teacher

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