Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay, Potty Success!

Daniel just turned "3" on July 9th and has decided it is time to use the potty.  This past Saturday I decided to try underwear again, and he was in them all day with no accidents.  We did underwear again through the night and no accidents again.  Sunday no accidents until late in the day, and he had a very short nap so guessing that is what did it.  With Nana & big sister getting in on Saturday it made it even more exciting.  We are all so happy for Daniel and so proud   : )

Checking out his new Toy Story underwear

Daniel & Nana just after his 1st time going Potty on his own.  He yelled "Mommy I peed", and after looking all over for him I found him on the potty : )

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby girl, 10 months old

A week ago, our baby girl turned 10 months old!  She started standing unassisted about a month ago, but now can stand up alone w/ out holding on to anything.  She loves music and likes to dance to it.  She has had her bottom tooth still coming in on bottom(for about 6 weeks now).  It looks like she is getting a top tooth in as well.  She is such a joy and her brothers LOVE playing with her(and fighting over her)

Here are some recent pictures of our baby girl....

Mariann w/ Aunt Joanne on big brother Daniel's bday

Showing off her 1st tooth

10 months old already?!

Happy Baby Girl : )

"Please let me go"

Standing up on her own, waiting to build something w/ her brother

Free Day, Port Discovery in Baltimore

I am finally getting around to posting about our day @ the Children's Museum, in Baltimore.  Since Alisha was away in FL the 4 boys, baby princess & I took a few trips.  This day in particular was very hot.  We got there a little later than I wanted and had about a 45 minute line to wait in.  All outdoors.  The kids did exceptionally well during the wait.  We brought water, and lots of finger foods thankfully.  Not only was it FREE, but Target sponserd it and gave away free bags for the kids to color and keep.  Below are some highlights of our trip....

The kids waiting in line to get in

Mommy & baby girl waiting....almost there

Cool sign in the Art Room @ Port Discovery

My 4 boys creating art

Josh's snowman(before he made the hat), made entirely of pipe cleaners

Daniel by a Beetle Car(his favorite!)

Daniel & Josh in the Beetle Car

Gabriel intently thinking about setting up his dominos

All set up and ready to go(he is REALLY good at setting them up).  He is  an awesome big brother and loved letting his 3 yo brother knock them down.

Andrew building his

All of the kids playing

The boys in this cool house set up

Gabriel & Andrew, best friends : )

Daniel in the Bob The Builder section

Baby girl napping

Joshua, planting flowers


Gabriel  : )

Daniel on a train

Gabriel & Joshua hard @ work

Andrew matching the shapes up(this was really neat, as you had to think fast.  It moved kind of fast on a conveyor belt)

Josh after he got his free bag to color

The 5 kids w/ the Harbor in the background

Andrew by a cool machine that you can pay for your parking before you get in your car to leave.

Joshua standing by the neat sign for the floor we parked on.  This was the 2nd parking garage we went to and still had to go far up to get a spot.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Air & Space Museum, Chantilly VA

Since Alisha is in FL with Nana, Papa, and other family we have been taking the 5 kids out so they don't miss her too much and feel like they are having thier own little vacation.  One trip we made was to the Air & Space Museum in Chantilly, VA.  What a wonderful museum and good way to enjoy a fun day inside away from the heat.  We have been having record breaking heat this Summer in VA.  100 with lots of humidity.

Below are some pictures from our fun day...

Outside of the Air & Space Museum

Daddy & kids

Gabriel, Joshua, & Daniel

A piece from the Pentagon, 9-11

A peice of the World Trade Center, 9-11

Daddy explaining things to Andy.  Andy is our Plane buff.  He LOVES anything to do with planes


Mommy & kids w/ the 1st Helicopter to circumnavigate the world


BearCat Conquest 1

Picture from the 2nd floor

Daddy & Daniel in front of a rocket

Space Shuttle

Back of the Space Shuttle

Cool Missile

Mars Rover

Mommy & her babies sitting after waiting in a 30-40 minute line to go up to the Observatory

Looking toward Dulles Airport

Plane that was landing

Daddy & the boys

Daddy & the kids

Love the Museums here in the DC area