Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby girl, 10 months old

A week ago, our baby girl turned 10 months old!  She started standing unassisted about a month ago, but now can stand up alone w/ out holding on to anything.  She loves music and likes to dance to it.  She has had her bottom tooth still coming in on bottom(for about 6 weeks now).  It looks like she is getting a top tooth in as well.  She is such a joy and her brothers LOVE playing with her(and fighting over her)

Here are some recent pictures of our baby girl....

Mariann w/ Aunt Joanne on big brother Daniel's bday

Showing off her 1st tooth

10 months old already?!

Happy Baby Girl : )

"Please let me go"

Standing up on her own, waiting to build something w/ her brother

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