Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

My dear friend Jo-Ann invited us along with her brood of 4 to a day of fun @ the B&O Museum.  We went there on July 8th(day before Daniel's 3rd b-day), so this was pretty cool for him as he is loving trains right now.  This was free thanks to this program,  There are Museums all over the US that are FREE for Military & thier families from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  This is the 2nd one we have taken advantage of from the list.  The 1st was the National Museum of Dentistry.   That is a few posts below. 

Neat train that was in the parking lot

Daniel playing with the train table

The older girls thought it was cute/funny to put the Gerber baby puffs in baby girls mouth to make her have "Bunny teeth"

Picture of the Flags inside the Roundhouse

The older boys watching a video inside one of the trains

Another picture inside the Roundhouse

The 10 kids before the train ride

Henry & Gabriel

Daniel & Hailey

Joshua & Alisha

Andrew & Hayden

Josh in front of a train

Alisha & Daniel

Gabriel working the gears, and Josh sitting down for a break( it was HOT that day)

Alisha & Hannah( I have a cute picture of them from '05 singing in VBS, that I will post at a later date, soo cute!)

Andrew & Hayden checking out the model trains

 Ma & Pa Railway Postal Service

Neat fact

Happy Daniel riding the train in the gift shop

All 10 kids outside the Museum

*Some of these pics I "Borrowed" from my friend as her camera is a lot fancier and was hard taking them that day with the heat and baby glued to Mama*  Thanks Jo-Ann : )

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