Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Daniel!

Today our sweet Daniel is "3".  Hard to believe it's been 3 years, but he has been such a joy.  Three years ago today I drove myself in labor not once, but twice.  Finally on the 3rd drive(with hubby driving), we got there just in time for him to be born.  We got there around 7:15--7:20 and he was born @ 7:41.  Made it just in time  : )

Daniel is a fun, loving, sweet boy.  He shares a room with his 3 brothers so it's like a sleepover everynight.  He LOVES all cars, just started doing puzzles and really enjoys doing them.  Wish I could slow down time, but enjoying life as much as we can as it goes way too fast.  Happy Birthday Daniel!  We love you soo much sweet boy  : )

Mommy & Daniel hours after he was born

Daniel a few days old(look @ all that hair)

Daniel w/ his 3 brothers(10 months old)

Daniel & Mommy, 1 year old

Daniel, 2 years old

Daniel this morning with his Chocolate chip Mickey Mouse cookie pancake and # 3 on top : )

Mommy & her Birthday Boy

Daddy & Daniel and his very cool Toy Story 3 cake.  We thought it was cool that he is "3" and he wanted a Toy Story cake, so worked out : )

Daniel in his new Buzz PJ's(Thanks Galvan's) w/ his new Woody doll.

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