Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  We had a nice day and had lots of fun and laughter.  We started our day by going to Church, then coming home and relaxing.  Some napping(me and our 9 month old to be exact), and some playing Wii.  We left for Soloman's Island a little after 3 and ate dinner @ a wonderful restaurant called "The Captain's Table."  Afterwards we drove around and figured it was best for Daddy to drop me and the children where we wanted to sit.  Right by a little playground area, and of course the ice-cream too : )

Below are some highlights(be ware as I took a lot of pictures and was hard to pick as soo many were good) from our day, enjoy : )

Here is Andrew on July 3rd putting out our flags

Daddy helping Mariann

Precious Daniel

Gabriel putting his flag in the ground

Sweet Joshua

Alisha's and Mommy's Red, White, & Blue toes : )

This morning before Church.  She doesn't like things on her head, can you tell?

Our cute bunch

Just an hour away and so pretty there

The Captain's Table.  Crab cakes were soo yummy, and the staff was awesome!

Gabriel.  He had a blast today and was telling some pretty funny jokes.  NO headset for the fireworks.  We forgot them in the truck and he was so proud of himself.  So were we  : )

Daddy & Mommy

Daniel w/ his ice-cream

Resting on Mommy's shoulder

My beautiful girls

Precious baby girl


Andy as the Statue Of Liberty

Daddy & the little ones

This Fireworks show was the best we have ever been to

My precious family.  I am so blesssed : )

All tuckered out

Mommy & Alisha in our cool hats

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