Friday, July 2, 2010


This Wednesday the kids and I were getting ready to leave for piano lessons and I checked my email.  Our sweet piano teacher invited us to go to the park with her little girls and some other friends.  We were pretty excited since we are here almost 4 months and haven't been to many parks yet.  We have had a heat wave here in MD and it's been 90-95 for weeks.  The past few days have been a high of 80-83 and a lot less humid, so we took advantage and had a very nice time.   After meeting @ her house for lessons, we picked up some McD's(a rare treat for us) and then went to Cosca Regional Park where there was a lot to run and play on and even bathrooms.  After we had lunch and played there for an hour, we went up the road to the Clearwater Nature Center where we got to see some wildlife.  Below are some pictures of our fun day out exploring Maryland....

Here is a blurry picture of Daniel, but one of the only I got @ the park. 

Here is Daniel @ the Clearwater Nature Center

Josh having his picture w/ the turtle

Gabriel really enjoyed himself.  He told me " I like nature."

Alisha checking out the turtles

One of the turtles swimming along

Andrew looking @ some cockroaches

Cute little owl

Alisha thought these stuffed Beavers were funny.  After seeing this one up close I am sure that is what I almost hit a few weeks back.

Gabriel, Josh, & Andrew feeling animal furs

Pretty baby girl

This snake was very entertaining and knows where the latch is on this cage.  He kept sticking his face close to it.

Gabriel & Josh.  Gabriel was telling me how this garbage didn't belong and should be thrown away.

The Bald Eagle(very cool to see up close).  This poor guy had a damaged right wing.

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