Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay, Potty Success!

Daniel just turned "3" on July 9th and has decided it is time to use the potty.  This past Saturday I decided to try underwear again, and he was in them all day with no accidents.  We did underwear again through the night and no accidents again.  Sunday no accidents until late in the day, and he had a very short nap so guessing that is what did it.  With Nana & big sister getting in on Saturday it made it even more exciting.  We are all so happy for Daniel and so proud   : )

Checking out his new Toy Story underwear

Daniel & Nana just after his 1st time going Potty on his own.  He yelled "Mommy I peed", and after looking all over for him I found him on the potty : )

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