Sunday, August 29, 2010

House coming along....

I am going to start w/ the cutest room....

Mariann's room.  I have waited for so long(11 plus years) to decorate a little girls room, and really love the simple bedding we chose.  Alisha helped deocrate with things from family & friends.

1st is her closet.  Can you tell we have loved shopping her her?  Some have been saved from big sister believe it or not, some were garage sale finds, and the rest Sam's Club, BJ's,  GREAT deals.   Oh, and no the room doesn't always look this picture perfect, it was staged...haha

Next (from left to right) are sweet pink booties knitted w/ love by Great Grandma Virgie.   A cute Tea Set given to us by our friends The Williams, and a handmade bear by my dear friend Tiffany.  Also a cute pair of shoes for Fall/Winter. 

A Precious Cross from Nana & Papa

Changing area, Crib, and bedding quilt hung by pretty new quilt clips.  This is the same furniture we have had for all 6 babies, and I plan on keeping it for my Grandchildren : )

Rocker/Ottoman we have had since our 3rd baby(2nd boy), now covered w/ a girly blanket : )

Where my Angel lays her head @ night

Here she is walking to Mama : )

Here is a preview of the room we are working on(which our 4 boys share).  Hard to believe they cleaned it up the day before....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Been almost a year....

I cannot believe I am sitting here writing that our baby girl Mariann is almost a year old already!  These past 11 months have been such a joy with her in our home.  The boys really love playing with her, carrying her, tending to her needs, and being her protector.  She started walking over a week ago now and is already trying to run and keep up with the boys.  Daniel(3) isn't so sure about her being mobile and becoming  a toddler like him.  He loves to throw things @ her  play with her.  Being that he is 3 years old and about 26-27 lbs, and she is 11 months and  22 lbs I am thinking he feels even more threatened of being replaced as "The Baby."

She now has her two bottom front teeth, along with her front top tooth coming in and 2 more on top.  Making a grand total of 5 teeth.  More than any of our other babies had @ 11 months.  We think we have heard her say "wow" and "Yeah", but just a few times.  I am sure pretty soon she will be chattering away with the best of them as in a house with this many she will have to compete over many voices : )

Below are some recent pictures of our precious Mariann, now 11 months old!

Our Little Princess today 11 months old.  If you click on it to make it bigger you can see her new teeth

Daddy giving her a piece of popcorn

"Look out world, I'm walking now"

Happy girl eating Cheerios

Tea Party w/ brother Josh. 

One of the new things I love to do : )

Getting 1st pair of real walking shoes

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mother/Daughter time : )

I just got done signing myself and my 12 yo daughter up for some sewing & knitting classes and am soo excited!  Jo-Ann's had 1/2 off today only, but will continue to have 25% off for another week or so I believe for all classes they offer.  We will be taking Sewing 204, making a clutch purse w/ zipper flowers, and Knitting basics.  I am looking foward to some uninterrupted Mother/Daughter time learning together and making precious memories. 

If you are interested and have a Jo-Ann's by you just click on the link below.  Click on the drop-down menu to see if there is one in your area and you can pull up a list of classes that way.  We couldn't make it into the store, but they were kind enough to sign us up over the phone. 

I will post pictures of what we make after our classes : )

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 children, 3 milestones, 1 night

[videofile width="640" height="480"][/videofile]

Mariann's 1st Steps, 10 months old.

[videofile width="640" height="480"][/videofile]

Mariann w/ her walker

[videofile width="640" height="480"][/videofile]

Josh 1st time riding w/out training wheels

[videofile width="640" height="480"] first time pedals-standard.wmv[/videofile]

Daniel learning to pedal

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nana's visit

Here are some more pictures from Nana's vist a few weeks ago....

Josh& Daniel playing w/ new toys Nana got them

Gabriel w/ his completed Lego set

Andrew & brothers w/ his beloved airplanes

A game of Memory

Nana & kids playing Monopoly

Nana & Mariann

Andrew's Store sign

Andrew behind his store counter

Nana & girls(Mariann doing her new throwing her head back thing)

Me, Nana, & girls(excuse my wet hair), it was early in the morning, ok early for me : )

Kids saying "Goodbye" to Nana

Bye Nana, we miss you....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baltimore Aquarium & Little Italy

We took our first trip to the Baltimore Aquarium while Nana was here, end of last month.  It was wonderful and there was so much to see.  We cannot wait to go back when the weather is cooler and it is less crowded to see and do more.  While we were in Baltimore Nana treated us to some wonderful Italian food as well.  What a wonderful day.  Thanks Nana for a very nice visit filled with wonderful memories....WE LOVE YOU!

Nana & the 3 oldest boys @ Chik-Fil-A on the way to the Aqarium

The 2nd boothe(Daddy, his 2 girls and youngest son)

Love this picture of Daniel (3) and Mariann(10 months)

Nana, Daddy & 5 of the kids walking toward the Aquarium

The Baltimore Aquarium

My beautiful Alisha

Daddy & Gabriel @ the entry to the Aquarium

Daddy & kids checking out the cool tank on the way in

Picture they took @ the Entrance

Daddy & Mariann

Cool view of the Inner Harbor from the Aquarium

Daddy & kids playing in the bubble tubes

Sting rays

Alisha w/ Maryland wildlife behind her

Gabriel having a great time

Josh w/ anemones behind him

Alisha in the Rain Forest

Monkey in the Rain Forest section.  It really felt like you were in the Rain Forest.  So cool....

Me & my beautiful Alisha

Sawfish Shark

Baby girl passed out.  So precious....

Josh & Daniel in the kids play area

Mommy & Daniel @ the Dolphin show

Nana & Gabriel

Daddy & Joshua

One of the Dolphins doing it's trick

Good view of one of the Dolphins

Nana & Daniel @ the 4D show

Gabriel & Andrew stretching pennies

Me, Nana, and the kids(this one and the one below this one are courtesy of Nana's camera)

Our family outside of the Aquarium, by the Inner Harbor

Nana(well Papa also who wasn't here and was missed: (  ) treated us to a wonderful Italian meal in Little Italy @ Da Mimmo's

Authentic Italian Restaurant, and oh so yummy food

The 5 oldest kids going to a very fancy restaurant(menu actually said it was for kids 5 & up, guess they made an exception for us)

Our bunch surrounded by picture of famous people that have eaten there

Joshua getting instructions from the authenic Italian guy that showed us to our table

Daddy & Baby Girl

This plate was just for show

Everyone sitting nice

Yes I took a picture of the fancy bathroom, haha

Mommy & Alisha

This was sooo good.  Lobster and pasta in a delicious sauce(doesn't the sippy cup and baby food add to the elegance of the reasturant?)

My hubby's meal


Daniel enjoying his Gelato

Gabriel & Nana



More pictures to come from our time w/ Nana.