Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baltimore Aquarium & Little Italy

We took our first trip to the Baltimore Aquarium while Nana was here, end of last month.  It was wonderful and there was so much to see.  We cannot wait to go back when the weather is cooler and it is less crowded to see and do more.  While we were in Baltimore Nana treated us to some wonderful Italian food as well.  What a wonderful day.  Thanks Nana for a very nice visit filled with wonderful memories....WE LOVE YOU!

Nana & the 3 oldest boys @ Chik-Fil-A on the way to the Aqarium

The 2nd boothe(Daddy, his 2 girls and youngest son)

Love this picture of Daniel (3) and Mariann(10 months)

Nana, Daddy & 5 of the kids walking toward the Aquarium

The Baltimore Aquarium

My beautiful Alisha

Daddy & Gabriel @ the entry to the Aquarium

Daddy & kids checking out the cool tank on the way in

Picture they took @ the Entrance

Daddy & Mariann

Cool view of the Inner Harbor from the Aquarium

Daddy & kids playing in the bubble tubes

Sting rays

Alisha w/ Maryland wildlife behind her

Gabriel having a great time

Josh w/ anemones behind him

Alisha in the Rain Forest

Monkey in the Rain Forest section.  It really felt like you were in the Rain Forest.  So cool....

Me & my beautiful Alisha

Sawfish Shark

Baby girl passed out.  So precious....

Josh & Daniel in the kids play area

Mommy & Daniel @ the Dolphin show

Nana & Gabriel

Daddy & Joshua

One of the Dolphins doing it's trick

Good view of one of the Dolphins

Nana & Daniel @ the 4D show

Gabriel & Andrew stretching pennies

Me, Nana, and the kids(this one and the one below this one are courtesy of Nana's camera)

Our family outside of the Aquarium, by the Inner Harbor

Nana(well Papa also who wasn't here and was missed: (  ) treated us to a wonderful Italian meal in Little Italy @ Da Mimmo's

Authentic Italian Restaurant, and oh so yummy food

The 5 oldest kids going to a very fancy restaurant(menu actually said it was for kids 5 & up, guess they made an exception for us)

Our bunch surrounded by picture of famous people that have eaten there

Joshua getting instructions from the authenic Italian guy that showed us to our table

Daddy & Baby Girl

This plate was just for show

Everyone sitting nice

Yes I took a picture of the fancy bathroom, haha

Mommy & Alisha

This was sooo good.  Lobster and pasta in a delicious sauce(doesn't the sippy cup and baby food add to the elegance of the reasturant?)

My hubby's meal


Daniel enjoying his Gelato

Gabriel & Nana



More pictures to come from our time w/ Nana. 

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