Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Been almost a year....

I cannot believe I am sitting here writing that our baby girl Mariann is almost a year old already!  These past 11 months have been such a joy with her in our home.  The boys really love playing with her, carrying her, tending to her needs, and being her protector.  She started walking over a week ago now and is already trying to run and keep up with the boys.  Daniel(3) isn't so sure about her being mobile and becoming  a toddler like him.  He loves to throw things @ her  play with her.  Being that he is 3 years old and about 26-27 lbs, and she is 11 months and  22 lbs I am thinking he feels even more threatened of being replaced as "The Baby."

She now has her two bottom front teeth, along with her front top tooth coming in and 2 more on top.  Making a grand total of 5 teeth.  More than any of our other babies had @ 11 months.  We think we have heard her say "wow" and "Yeah", but just a few times.  I am sure pretty soon she will be chattering away with the best of them as in a house with this many she will have to compete over many voices : )

Below are some recent pictures of our precious Mariann, now 11 months old!

Our Little Princess today 11 months old.  If you click on it to make it bigger you can see her new teeth

Daddy giving her a piece of popcorn

"Look out world, I'm walking now"

Happy girl eating Cheerios

Tea Party w/ brother Josh. 

One of the new things I love to do : )

Getting 1st pair of real walking shoes

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