Sunday, August 29, 2010

House coming along....

I am going to start w/ the cutest room....

Mariann's room.  I have waited for so long(11 plus years) to decorate a little girls room, and really love the simple bedding we chose.  Alisha helped deocrate with things from family & friends.

1st is her closet.  Can you tell we have loved shopping her her?  Some have been saved from big sister believe it or not, some were garage sale finds, and the rest Sam's Club, BJ's,  GREAT deals.   Oh, and no the room doesn't always look this picture perfect, it was staged...haha

Next (from left to right) are sweet pink booties knitted w/ love by Great Grandma Virgie.   A cute Tea Set given to us by our friends The Williams, and a handmade bear by my dear friend Tiffany.  Also a cute pair of shoes for Fall/Winter. 

A Precious Cross from Nana & Papa

Changing area, Crib, and bedding quilt hung by pretty new quilt clips.  This is the same furniture we have had for all 6 babies, and I plan on keeping it for my Grandchildren : )

Rocker/Ottoman we have had since our 3rd baby(2nd boy), now covered w/ a girly blanket : )

Where my Angel lays her head @ night

Here she is walking to Mama : )

Here is a preview of the room we are working on(which our 4 boys share).  Hard to believe they cleaned it up the day before....

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