Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aquarium trip/Visit with friends

Last week we met up with our good friends The Kramer's from TX(minus the Mr.), and had a very nice day with them.  We were able to see so much more than our 1st trip this summer, since kids are back in school, and people in work being a Monday.  Another plus to home schooling : )

  Below are some fo the highlights from our day...

*If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to take pictures, so be ware there are tons.

Gabriel & Baby girl in the parking garage, ready for the Aquarium

Daddy & our precious babies(a real treat that Daddy could come with us)

Our little family w/ the Inner Harbor behind us

Enjoying some Dunkin Donuts

Happy Baby girl w/ her munchkin and milk

Downtown Baltimore

Coming up the elevator

Daddy & Mariann looking @ some fish

Eden, Daniel, & Garrison

Look it's Nemo  : )

My favorite, the Seahorse

Another tank w/ starfish stuck there on top

Happy Brothers

I think this sting ray was saying "Hello"

Here is an Exoskeleton of a Tarantula(really neat to see)

Going up to the Rainforest(Alisha & Liberty)

Daniel & Eden(she was his  Little Mama for the day and he loved it)

Neat bird in the Rain Forest

A good shot of most of us in the Rainforest

Daddy & baby girl(she didn't do as well this time in the backpack and she wants to walk now)

Blue Poisen Frogs

I love the way this frog blends into the leaf

Alisha & McKenna  : )

Josh & Eden w/ a shark behind them

Daniel & Eden learning about the sharks( I love this Aquarium and how interactive it is, and easy for the kids to use)

The kids walking over to the Dolphin Show

Liberty, McKenna, Alisha, & Adrew were chosen to participate in the show

Daddy & kids waiting for the show to start

A good picture of one of the Dolphins

Here are the kids waving the flags during the show

The kids digging in the sand

Some of the younger kids putting on a puppet show

The Frogs, er I mean kids jumping on the Lily Pads

Daniel, Eden, & Josh after eating lunch

Daniel & Eden, checking out a Jellie Fish

Upside Down Jellie Fish(these were soo cool)

Gabriel getting ready to take some pictures of some more Jellie Fish

Baby girl all tuckered out

Me & my friend Tonja(miss you dear friend)

Daddy & kids walking to Barnes & Noble(we don't have one near us, so we took full advantage of it).  If you are a homeschooler, or educator in a school you can get thier discount card, which I believe gives you either 20 or 25% off everything : )

Andrew by the cool elevator in which you can see all the gears

The kids checking out some books

Gabriel with a book about drawing(his passion)

Younger boys playing @ the Train Table

Me and my sister's good friend Shelly(who happened to be in Baltimore).  It really is a small world : )

Mariann running around and having a great time

We ended our fun day w/ Ice Cream for dinner( by the look on Josh's face, I think it was a great idea)

This was Dad & Mom's Ice Cream(Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino, complete w/ whipped Cream)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Party pics/Birthday weekend

We celebrated Mariann's 1st Birthday on her actual birthday, September 18th.  Alisha got up extra early to make her heart-shaped pancakes.  That is LOVE : )

Afterwards we went to Soccer, where she took her morning nap.  We came home, made lunch, and Aunt Joann arrived.  Mommy ran some errands with Aunt Joann, picking up balloons, and more.  Our friends the Galvan's came over to help celebrate, and our friend Jason was in town from Belgium so he joined us as well.  We had a nice day, and lots of laughs with good family and friends. 

Here is Mariann w/ her special pancakes

Taking her nap @ Soccer

Alisha decorating the cupcakes she made for Mariann

Mommy & The Birthday Girl : )

The beautiful cupcakes(if you look you can see the ones on the left are arranged like the # 1)

Some of her presents, and decor Alisha made

Mommy & her Pretty Girl  : )

Eating her Birthday dinner of hotdogs & waffle fries

Party guests

Alisha, the Party Planner

The Princess standing over her castle

Sisters : )

Opening presents(all these cute clothes are from Aunt Joann)

Lots of helpers

Daddy & his Birthday Girl

Thanks Galvan's : )

Thanks for the baby doll Galvan Family : )

Thank You William's Family for the sweet card and money : )

Books : )

Horse to ride on from Daddy & Mommy

Aunt Joann showing off clothes from Nana & Papa

My pretty little book worm

Group effort, trying to put the horse together

Riding on her horse with her baby doll in the basket

Daddy & Mommy w/ the Birthday Girl

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!

Baby Girl w/ her cute bib

Mariann before the mess

Enjoying her cupcake

Everyone enjoying dessert

The cute Birthday Ducks

"Oh yeah, this is good stuff"

Washing it down with some juice

Birthday Bath

Enjoying one of the new books with big brother

She wouldn't wear the cute hat, so there it is in front of her

I love this picture of my baby girl w/ her baby doll

Aunt Joann reading to Daniel

I know you cannot see her that well here, but  love this picture of her dancing with Daniel, and how he is getting into it

Mommy & her 2 girls

Lunch the next day with Aunt Joann after Church

Yturaldi children

Yturaldi Family

Relaxed/Silly family picture : )

Our Baby girl "1" whole year

Thank You Uncle Matt, Aunt Marnie, & girls for my presents