Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aquarium trip/Visit with friends

Last week we met up with our good friends The Kramer's from TX(minus the Mr.), and had a very nice day with them.  We were able to see so much more than our 1st trip this summer, since kids are back in school, and people in work being a Monday.  Another plus to home schooling : )

  Below are some fo the highlights from our day...

*If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to take pictures, so be ware there are tons.

Gabriel & Baby girl in the parking garage, ready for the Aquarium

Daddy & our precious babies(a real treat that Daddy could come with us)

Our little family w/ the Inner Harbor behind us

Enjoying some Dunkin Donuts

Happy Baby girl w/ her munchkin and milk

Downtown Baltimore

Coming up the elevator

Daddy & Mariann looking @ some fish

Eden, Daniel, & Garrison

Look it's Nemo  : )

My favorite, the Seahorse

Another tank w/ starfish stuck there on top

Happy Brothers

I think this sting ray was saying "Hello"

Here is an Exoskeleton of a Tarantula(really neat to see)

Going up to the Rainforest(Alisha & Liberty)

Daniel & Eden(she was his  Little Mama for the day and he loved it)

Neat bird in the Rain Forest

A good shot of most of us in the Rainforest

Daddy & baby girl(she didn't do as well this time in the backpack and she wants to walk now)

Blue Poisen Frogs

I love the way this frog blends into the leaf

Alisha & McKenna  : )

Josh & Eden w/ a shark behind them

Daniel & Eden learning about the sharks( I love this Aquarium and how interactive it is, and easy for the kids to use)

The kids walking over to the Dolphin Show

Liberty, McKenna, Alisha, & Adrew were chosen to participate in the show

Daddy & kids waiting for the show to start

A good picture of one of the Dolphins

Here are the kids waving the flags during the show

The kids digging in the sand

Some of the younger kids putting on a puppet show

The Frogs, er I mean kids jumping on the Lily Pads

Daniel, Eden, & Josh after eating lunch

Daniel & Eden, checking out a Jellie Fish

Upside Down Jellie Fish(these were soo cool)

Gabriel getting ready to take some pictures of some more Jellie Fish

Baby girl all tuckered out

Me & my friend Tonja(miss you dear friend)

Daddy & kids walking to Barnes & Noble(we don't have one near us, so we took full advantage of it).  If you are a homeschooler, or educator in a school you can get thier discount card, which I believe gives you either 20 or 25% off everything : )

Andrew by the cool elevator in which you can see all the gears

The kids checking out some books

Gabriel with a book about drawing(his passion)

Younger boys playing @ the Train Table

Me and my sister's good friend Shelly(who happened to be in Baltimore).  It really is a small world : )

Mariann running around and having a great time

We ended our fun day w/ Ice Cream for dinner( by the look on Josh's face, I think it was a great idea)

This was Dad & Mom's Ice Cream(Starbucks Java Chip Frappucino, complete w/ whipped Cream)

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