Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Mariann

Dear Mariann,

1 year ago(and 1 day, hehe) you were born.  What a blessing this year has been.  Full of laughter, lots of dressing up our new baby doll, and just enjoying a small baby in the house.  I feel so honored that God chose us for you Mariann.  Your brothers love you more than you can imagine.  They are almost always fighting over you or hanging on you.  Your big sister has really enjoyed having another girl in the house.   I believe she is saving some of her treasured toys for you, so you can have them to play with in the upcoming years.  I pray that I will set a good example for you as a Godly women, and hope each day brings me closer to fulfilling this.  Many people(strangers included) see our sweet bunch and ask "Were you trying for another girl?"  I can honestly answer "No, we would have loved another boy just the same, but I am loving another sweet girl after over 11 years." 

Mariann eating her heart-shaped pancakes made lovingly by big sister Alisha : )

Here are some of your Stats from this time....

~You started walking just before 11 months old and within 1-2 weeks you were running

~You currently have 4 teeth, and 2 more coming through(top right front and the one to the right of it

~You give great hugs(Daddy was the 1st to get one)

~ You say " Mama" and have for a couple of months

~You are loving table food.  Especially Yobaby Organic Yogurt

~You had your 1st try of whole milk on your Birthday and love it

~You try to imitate me yelling the boys names, and it's precious

~You can hold your own very well(I think that comes w/ the territory of 5 olders siblings, 4 being brothers)

We love you so much and Thank the Lord that he chose us as your parents.  Thank you for all the joy you bring us everyday,

Love Daddy & Mommy xoxoxo... : )

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