Saturday, September 11, 2010

NY, Part 3 The Finale


Here is the rest of our trip.  Bronx Zoo was awesome ! 

Carousel Ride

3 Oldest Boys


Perpall Family(my cousin Lyn, her husband Peter, cute Nicholas, and baby girl due Nov' 10)

Me & my 6 babies


This was a neat exhibit


Ring--tailed Lemurs

A Red-Ruffed Lemur, maxin' and relaxin'

Nicholas & Daniel : )

Tiger, taking a drink

Daniel is barely up to the Tiger's belly

Alisha w/ a Polar Bear behind her

On the Monorail(so cool as we have never been on one.  Me,  my  children, my cousin, her husband, and son all took up 1 car)

Gabriel & Josh


It was so relaxing and the scenery was beautiful

Very relaxing for some....

Mama & her cubs

For those of you who have never been to NY.  Here is a NY Deli/Bagel Shop :

The kids enjoying NY Bagels, yum!

My friend since HS, Shannon with my babies.  Came out dark, but came out best of the ones I took

Me & Shannon

Another NY Favorite, Black & White Cookies : )

Kristen's sweet little girl Camryn & Josh enjoying cheese doodles

The 4 boys swimming in my friend Kristen's pool

Kristen & I.  Thanks for opening up your lovely home to us : )

Josh said "I am making a water X"

My 3 oldest boys enjoying Aunt Sharon's pool

Cousins Joey & Nicholas hugging

All the kid's on my Dad's side of the family(minus my 2 niece's who weren't there : (  )

Spider Joey on his 6th Birthday

Joey blowing out his candles

My bunch w/ Joey

Bye-Bye NY

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