Friday, September 3, 2010

NY Trip, Part 1

Finally here are pictures from the trip the kids and I took to NY just over a month ago.  We spent 6 days in NY visiting family & friends.  My cousin, her husband, and son were nice enough to let us stay w/ them.  Here are some pictures from our Adventures....

Daddy, helping us load the truck

Almost to NJ

The kids eating @ a Rest Stop in NJ

About our 1/2 way point(Rest Stop where we had our packed lunch)

Tolls( I think $30-$40 each way just in Tolls)

Finally the Verrazano Bridge, NY here we come!!


Traffic in NY....?  Always : )

Haha, LOVE it!

My cousin Lyn & her Little Nick waiting for us to arrive

Daniel & Nick(they are just 3 months apart)

Alisha & Andrew relaxing after a 6-7 hour drive

NY Bagels, YUM!

Nicholas opening a little something we brought him

Presents for new baby girl to arrive in November, 2010

I think she likes the burp clothes & Blanket made for baby girl

Intense moment

Joey's 6th Birthday Party.  Lots of kids and fun in the pool

My cousin Lyn & her cute lil man Nicholas

Joey, The Birthday Boy

My Sweet Josh

Gabriel had a blast

Mommy & Mariann(she isn't into the pool yet, but she loved getting lots of attention)

My Uncle Nick w/ 3 Andrew, Daniel & Josh

Beautiful Butterfly

My cousin's wife and son, so cute : )

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Joey

How precious is this?

After the kids hit the Pinata for a while, it was decided to just break it open and spill it out

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