Friday, September 3, 2010

NY Trip, Part 2

Here are more pictures from  our NY Trip....

Alisha & Mariann & Uncle Andy & Aunt Liz's home

Josh ready for fun

Josh coming down the slide

Andrew's turn

Gabriel, getting ready for Trampoline fun

All the kids there that day

Gabriel loving the big water slide

Alisha bracing herself

Gabriel had a great time, as did all the kids.  They didn't want to leave

Andrew learned if he went down a certain way he could be Airborne

Daniel eating a "Cheese Ball", fresh Mozzarella, YUM!

Aunt Liz & Mariann

Mariann taking a dunk

Cool Daniel

Uncle Joe, Joey, and Josh

Alisha & Grandma Del

Me & My Grandma Del

Daniel riding one of Aunt Liz's Dogs

Cousin Tori teaching Daniel how to feed the Chinchilla

Gabriel and this little girl got along soo well, it was just precious

Josh eating cookies from a NY bakery in cool glasses from Uncle Joe

A little blurry as it was getting dark

My 6 babies with cousins Tori, Grace, and Joey

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