Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Sewing

3 Burpclothes & a Blanket I made in July for my cousin's baby girl, due in November

My little sewing class, aren't they adorable?

Mommy & Daniel getting ready to sew his pillow

Daniel & Daddy w/ his finished pillow

Andrew helping Mommy by using the pedal

Mommy & Andrew after stuffing his pillow

Josh helping Daddy use the sewing machine

Joshua turning the pillow right side out, and getting ready to stuff it

Gabriel was very good @ using the machine, and I think enjoyed it

Gabriel making a overly-happy face w/ his cool camo-tractor pillow

Daddy/Daughter time(yes I am very blessed to have this man)

Alisha w/ her bright green pillow case

Alisha stuffing the pillow we made for my cousins little boy

Here is a close-up of the fabric for Alisha's pillow, and what will be another pillow for baby girl, and a changing pad cover as well.

Alisha sewing

I love this picture of Alisha smiling, and stuffing her pillow

Alisha w/ her finished pillow, set on her bed

I still have to make Mariann's pillow, changing pad, throw pillow, and this Fall we have some more projects I would like to do with the kids.   New baby coming this Winter to sew for, and no I am not expecting....haha

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