Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 School Year/Around the house

We didn't have an "Official" startdate to school this year, so I think we started around the 2nd to 3rd week in August.  The parks in Maryland are wonderful.  They are always clean, and bathrooms are the cleanest Public bathrooms I have ever been in.  That is a plus with now 5 kids needing to use them.  While I am enjoying the rain this week, I really miss the kids being able to get out to play, and not worrying about the sump pump which I am still getting used to.  Here are some various pictures of what our days look like lately.

One of Andrew's new passions are Bridges

"What else can I shove into this vent?"(he was actually cooling off his tator tot)

New Discovery(end of the summer : ( ), was the base pool.  It is beautiful, and has a wonderful children's pool, and they even provide vests like the ones from Seaworld

Daniel, friend Joseph, and Josh

Josh with his new Piano fingers : )

Josh doing his new chore of chair/table wiper.  It's all about perspective  : )

Daniel very proud of himself that he put all his letters up(he can recogize most of the alphabet now), and loves doing school with the big kids : )

Oh yeah lots of letter magnets(we have 2 sets)

Josh & his beloved Origami

Watching a movie(look we all fit, with more room too : ) )

Alisha @ a Knitting class we took(yeah it is harder than it looks)

History(I love how Andy is yawning, we don't start school usually until around 9 am, and History is after Bible)

Our History(I am finally organized and keep 5 weeks @ a time in this binder)

Josh & Daniel doing Math.  Josh is in Abeka K, and Daniel is grouping colors together

Gabriel draws whenever he gets a free moment

Andrew made a picture out of the leaves he collected

Daniel and his picture he made by rubbing leaves

Alisha with her wreath

Chives starting to pop up

Josh after his MRI(all those presents were brought to him in the hospital by the Red Cross, so big THANK YOU TO THE RED CROSS)

  This sums up his personality : )

(Thank you Lord that all was ok, and nothing was found)

The kids @ the Home School Kick-off Picnic

Andrew & Friend sitting by the water(I told you the parks in MD are amazing)

Superbaby, and her sidekicks(modeling the newest nursing cover-up, hehe)

The Pantry after Alisha organized it : )

Here she is with the new sign she made

Just me and my baby girl : )

Baby girl(she LOVES anything Little People)

He looks so cute playing

Josh and his Mego Block Dog

Andrew, doing his Math

She's cute and she cleans

Alisha w/ her new science book(she is taking General Science with our new Co-op this year )

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