Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pretzel making

I was shopping with the kids in BJ's oneday and saw this kit for making Annie Anne's Pretzels(you know the ones in the Mall).  Looked fun, and I thought if it's a kit it has instructions right?  Yeah they aren't all that easy to make.  We probably should have done them earlier in the day, or right after dinner, but we started around 7pm.  Yeah not a good idea, as it is a time consuming process.  Nonetheless, it was something the kids will remember, and we only made 1/2 the box, so guess we will be making them again, hehe.

Some of our pretzels(it was hard to transfer, and we had to reshape them all I think)

Daddy giving instructions

Little helpers

Yes, she is our climber(I can hear you Mom saying "Just like you")

Some of the Pretzels(some had Cinnamon & Sugar, and some had salt)

Pretzels for Breakfast?  Yes, and I think we scored some cool parent points : )

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