Monday, October 11, 2010

Shlagel Farms

Today we took a trip to Schlagel Farm.  It is a local farm that is family owned and run for almost 100 years.  The family bought it in 1911, and grew Tobacco until the 1980's.  Today they have Angus cows which they keep until age 5 months, chickens, and lots of vegtables such as Kale, Peas, Broccoli, Egg Plant, and more.  They open thier farm twice a year to the community.  Fall for Pumpkin picking, and Spring for Strawberry picking.   I always love going to a Farm.  Makes me wish we had 5 or more acres to ourselves.  The upkeep would be A LOT of work, but I imagine well worth it.

Our 4 boys

Checking out the baby chicks(roughly 13 days old)

Close-up of the Chicks( I really wanted to get 2-3)

Tom The Turkey

2 Calves about a week old(the owner's bring in some animals for a petting zoo just for this event)

Getting to pet the Bunny

The pigs doing what they do best, digging and getting dirty

Cute Goat

The Hay Maze

Daniel & Gabriel



Alisha & Mariann

The 4 boys at the end of the Maze, getting ready to go down the slides

Daddy & Baby girl

Hayride time

The owner of the farm telling us about the Male and Female flowers on the Pumpkin plant

The owner telling the kids about how the Deer eat the pumpkins and leave tracks

Here is an example of where the Deer have been

The kids in search of thier pumpkins

Gabriel with his Pumpkin

Daddy getting Daniel's off for him

Josh with his Pumpkin

Mommy, Mariann, and her pumpkin

Andrew with his nice sized Pumpkin

Alisha on the way back with her Pumpkin

I love the colorful Mums

Strawberry plants just planted a couple of weeks ago.  Cannot wait to come back and pick some next May

Daddy & his beautiful girls

Joshua 5 1/2 years old

Daniel 3 years old

Andrew 7 1/2 years old

Gabriel 9 years old

All 4 boys

Me & My Girls

The boys playing in the corn

Mariann, wondering how many she can eat

Daniel wanted to be covered in corn

Mommy & her Scarecrows

Alisha with the Mums we took home

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