Friday, October 1, 2010

Simplifying Life

I think this is something most of us want as today's world is so busy.  Whether you are a working Mom, a Stay @ home Mom, Mom of 1, or Mom of 10 organizing your life makes it more enjoyable.  I am not sure if any of our ideas will inspire you, but I have found others blogs to be helpful to me so, here are a few things we have done lately in attempt to do that....

New Chore System

There is a page for each day.  There isn't much on Sunday as that is our Day Of Rest.

Accross the top are all the names(if you look you can see Dad & Mom on there too)

Down the side are all the chores that need to be done.  Each page is in a clear sleeve, and we keep a red dry erase marker nearby to cross them off as we go.

I don't know about you, but I don't love doing dishes, and cups seem to mutliply if you don't make sure someone isn't getting a new one everytime they want a drink.  My wonderful husband had the idea over a year ago when we put our house in TX on the market to sell.  Each person had a letter(some overlapped, so that is why there are different colors if there are 2 of the same letter)

Here is the old one(Daniel had a sippy cup then which he carried around and Mariann wasn't born yet)

Here is the NEW and Improved one

I thought living up North we would have a larger Coat Closet, especially being  that this home is a lot larger than our home in TX .  It is the same same size, and also on a slant.  This simple 6 hooks on a piece of wood(from Target for around $15) is working pretty well so far.

School Charts for the kids(this is only 3 of the 5 I will make).  It is just a list of what needs to be done.  I don't put times on there as I tried that and it doesn't work well.  As you see there is a trend with me and the page protector's.  I love that you can use the dry erase marker and used a small amount of velcro to keeop the pen nearby.   I haven't decided yet if it would be better to put the velcro on the cap so that you can just slide the marker out and not have to take the entire marker off each time.

A few projects we are working on....

Organizing/decorating the boys' room(which all 4 occupy), and yes I know I said several posts ago I would be doing that.

Hanging hooks with letters above them in the Kids Bathroom(as the rack on the back of the door just isn't cutting it anymore)

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