Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hallelujah Harvest Party/Fall pics

Last Saturday our Church had a "Hallelujah Harvest Party" where the kids got candy, and played fun games...

Here are some pics from the party...

Josh doing the "Donut Munch"

Alisha helping Daniel try it out

Gabriel(who did very well at this as he ate almost 1/2 this way)

Joshua got a fish on his 1st try : )

Josh doing the beanbag toss

Alisha bowling, and hitting one of the youth, OUCH!

My 2 little cuties

Joshua & his Pumpkin Patch painting

Daniel having so much fun : )

At the end, they throw all the candy out for grabs(this is the younger group about to make a mad dash)

Older group of kids getting thier candy(Gabriel is far right in the dark green shirt)

My precious Mariann modeling her headband made w/ love by Mommy : )

My 4 handsome boys : )

Our 6 Adorable children

Sisters : )

Alisha, beautiful inside and out.  She is really changing into a young lady....sigh

Mommy & Baby girl(my smile is wierd, but we were hurrying along to not be to to Church too late)

Alisha & Daddy trying to make Popcorn Balls

Enjoying the Popcorn Balls

"Who me?"

Alisha while organizing our School room(yes I am very blessed)

"What is this thing for, and what is this stuff you call hair?"

Our beautiful finished/organized School room, LOVE IT!  Just a few more things to hang on the wall to decorate

Another view

Sitting area/piano

Our Arts & Crafts closet, and Mariann waiting to get into it...bwahaha!

School closet(most of our books are in here, and the rest are in the office)

Josh reading to Daniel : )

Daniel helping to make the Alfredo sauce

Working on a Science Experiment

Gabriel & Andrew with the countdown to TN chain they made : )

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