Sunday, November 14, 2010

November, so far....

So far this month has been a blur as I am pretty sick most days, but thankful nonetheless for this precious new life : )

Thought I would add some pictures of what our November has looked like so far...

The boys love sleeping together on the floor, and have done so now 2 weekends in a row, so sweet : )

Andrew as "The Monopoly guy"

Josh w/ his Lincoln Log house

Our Stunt Baby : )

Another one

Daniel LOVES Starfall(he calls it "Letter Fing")

He builds things, and she knocks them down : )

Fun w/ Paper bag outfits


This week in History we read about "Olmec Heads" in Central America.  Andrew was trying to look like one.  Here he is holding our book we read from to show what he is.  Want to know more... go here or here

Josh riding a bigger bike and doing well : )

Daniel enjoying the fresh air

Baby girl : )

Peddle Car

Boys playing Soccer

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