Sunday, March 20, 2011

January trip to FL

Ok, so all my posts are out of order.  One of many things I am working on organizing better, as well as time, home, school schedule, etc.  Bare with me, as I try to do one @ a time : )

In January I was able to get to FL to see my brand new niece Miss Mattilyn Deanna.  Here are some pics from my trip...

Left to right(Elizabeth(8), me holding Mattilyn,she was around 5-6 days old here, and Arianna 13)

Elizabeth's 8th Birthday was just days before I got there, so here she is opening presents from our family.

Personalized towel

My brother in law Matt made the BEST fruit juice drinks.   Purchasing a Vitamix is now on my wishlist : )

Precious Mattilyn, in her super cute girly swing

Yes, she is soo precious!

Arianna & her mini-me.  It is amazing how much they look alike

Liz, running to me after school.  She gives great hugs...

Look @ all that hair : )

Not a great pic(of me I mean, not the precious baby girl), but loved getting to feed her

Floyd(the one that doesn't look thrilled), and Pepper(the one that thinks she owns him)....haha

Me & My Mommy

Me , Liz, & Arianna(we had a sleepover @ Nana's)

Visiting Grandpa Dominick(Mom's Dad).  Looks good for 88, huh?

Mommy, me, and Liz walking the beach

I could look @ this view everyday....beautiful!

Silly picture we took @ Navvare beach

Me, my sister Marnie, and Mattilyn, the day before I left : (

Liz with some of her shells

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