Sunday, March 13, 2011

President's Day

Thanks to my friend Jo-Ann we found out that there would be a FREE celebration/entrance into Mount Vernon(President Washington's home).  You can take a look to see more about it here...

We got there later than we wanted to, and of course they hadn't opened the parking on the grass in front yet, so we parked a milke up in a subdivision and walked.  The weather wasn't ideal(chilly, and drizzling on and off), but we stayed with thousands of other people for 2 hours.  Below are some of the highlights of our time there..

Daddy & kids before entering part of the museum

Gabriel wanted his picture taken by the statues

A replica of the Washington home

This was cool.  The house opened up so you could see the top level.

The Washington home in the background w/ Soldiers standing at attentions

Daddy & Daniel before the gun shots


Part of President Washington's  Birthday Celebration

Smoke filled air after they shot off thier guns(they did this several times),  was not so good for our 3yo, as he cried even after we left this area for at least 20-30 minutes.

Man dressed as President Washington

Alisha by President Washington's home( we didn't make it inside as it was very crowded, and the line was loonnng)  At this point Daniel was in hysterics b/c of the gunshots as well.

Some sheep that are there on the Estate

Daddy & Alisha at the entrance to the "Educational side of the museum"

Daniel (this is where they had the family tree, and it was very interesting.  I learned so much that day)

Gabriel by a funny painting(about George chopping down the cherry tree)

Andrew by the supposed piece of the cherry tree

Andrew, about to be Tarred and Feathered

Joshua in the kids interactive play area

Daniel playing @ the kids sized replica of the Washington home

Mommy & Mariann

Andrew figuring about what a Gristmill is

Sorry, no photo.  We laughed about this for a while

Wax version of President Washington swearing in for his Presidency

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