Sunday, March 13, 2011

Really behind...

Well we had 2 boys turn "6" and "8" in December and I feel terrible for not doing Birthday posts. 

Andrew was "8" on Decemeber 13th

In December he was...

- Very into Pac-man, and Monopoly, now his new love is Star Wars

-He is still our social guy.  LOVES being outside playing with the kids in the neighborhood

-He is doing great with Multiplication(he is in 2nd grade)

-He loves playing legos with his brothers

-He is a a great helper when he sets his mind to it

Here he is with his Monopoly cake that Alisha made him : )

Andrew & Mommy

Andrew on his actual Birthday.  He was soo thrilled to have SNOW!!

Joshus was "6" on December 21st

In December he..

- Too was into Pac-man(see pictures of his cake below)

-Loves Legos(and is REALLY good at making his own creations)

-is ahead in Math(doing 1st grade Math), supposed to be in Kindergarten.  He amazes me with how easy it comes to him.  To see him counting $ is so awesome!

-is my Strong-Willed child (like his Mommy), but I know God will use it all to his Glory and honor : )

-Started Piano lessons in the Fall, and doing very well

Josh w/ Daddy @ the Mall for his Birthday celebration, and trip to the Lego Store

He was in Heaven in this store

Josh w/ his Pac-man cake, and ghosts to go with : )

Then there was Christmas, and we have had lots of sickness. November, then again January, and February. Now here we are @ Spring, and even though it doesn't feel like "Spring" yet to us Northerners, I am praying it is on it's way. My kids are not used to beingin the house this much, after living in S TX.

Here are a few shots from Christmas...

The kids' Gingerbread houses they made

Our Family on Christmas Eve

5 of the kids w/ thier new ornaments from Autn Joanne

Christmas Morning

Gabriel w/ his new camera

Andrew w/ a new Monopoly game

Alisha w/ her new apron

Daniel w/ his new "SUPER WHY" gear

Mariann on her new horse

A very happy Josh w/ his Penguin Pillow Pet

Daddy & Mommy(and Mariann trying to get up, hehe)

The Birthday cake we made for JESUS : ) bring you up to speed,

*It's March, and we are looking foward to warmer weather here in MD(hopefully by April).  With Spring, comes Soccer!!  This Season Daddy & Alisha will be refereeing, in addition to Alisha, Joshua, and Daniel playing on teams.  Daniel's 1st Season to play!  I am now 25 weeks along in my pregnancy, feeling great, and enjoying feeling this little one dance around.  I hope to add a couple of more posts later today, or early this week about our trip to Mount Vernon, and just things we have done around here : )

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