Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baltimore Aquarium w/ Papa


This was our 3rd trip to the Baltimore Aquarium.  We are about an hour and 15 minutes from it, and have a pass so it is defiantly worth the trip....

Papa, Daddy, and most of the kids @ the Baltimore Aquarium

Cute baby girl

Checking out the bubbles

Cool Sea Turtle

Mariann really enjoyed the Aquarium this trip

The clown fish kept going in and out of the anemone, as there were eggs, and she was checking on them.


Mariann and Daddy

Polka-dotted Sting ray

Mariann & Daniel very close to the crocodiles

This guy was very loud

Papa & Mariann

Huge Eel

Mommy & Mariann

Papa & boys, getting read to look @ the sharks

Mariann discovered the elevators, and LOVED them

Papa, Mommy, and kids





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