Sunday, April 10, 2011

Everyday Life....

Just some pictures of everyday life.....

Mariann loves wearing everyone's shoes : )


Gabriel showing Daniel how to work the Jeep

Off roading

Gabriel is such a good big brother.  He insisted on helping with the little ones, even though the neighbor kids were asking him to play : )

Alisha playing on the piano with Daniel & Mariann

Daniel & Mariann in Daddy & Mommy's shoes

Gabriel putting together his poster on President Lincoln

His finished product

Daniel & Mariann hugging

Showing off his cute baby sister


Daniel was "Old King Cole" in his Beginning Readers class

Proudly wearing his crown

Getting his Diploma

"I did it!"

Daniel w/ his treat bag

Daniel w/ his buddy

Andrew & his friend racing

Happy Daniel riding his bike

"Who me?"

Waving "Bye-Bye" to Daddy


Mariann is loving her purse


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