Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my Mommy's birthday, and I just wanted to say some great things about the women that has always loved me, been there for me, and shown me what being a Mother means.

Mom you have always been there

Taught me life isn't always fair

You also taught me to look to him, the one that will carry us in good and bad

and that he is our "Heavenly Dad"

When I look at you I see a strong Christan women who has never given in

You held your head high though thick and thin

Thank you for always being a listening ear

and for drying my every tear

I love you so much Mommy!  Hope this little poem blesses you, and that today is an extra special day for you : )

Me and my Mommy Feb'12

Nana w/ our family @ the Baltimore Aquarium

Nana w/ her Grand kids in November '08

All the Grand kids Nov '09(since then Mattilyn has joined our family, and our newest baby is due in just 2 more months)



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