Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Museum of Natural History/Monument

While Papa was here last week we also went into DC on Friday.  We went to the Museum of Natural History, and walked up to the Monument after.  Here are some pictures from our day...


The kids in front of some pretty Tulips, before going into the museum

Gabriel & Andrew in front the Museum Of Natural History(they thought this looked like the Olmec Heads that we studied in History)



Daddy talking to the kids about some Dinosaur eggs

Gabriel on the upper level looking down

Daniel in the "Discovery Room", using binoculars

Gabriel listening to the ocean

Joshua getting ready to look @ some things through the microscope

Andrew checking out Daddy's teeth

Gabriel w/ a replica of the human skull

Daddy & Josh with the skull of a Hyena

Andrew using the magnifying glass to get a closer look

Gabriel looking @ different toys from around the world

Mariann getting to try the binoculars

Josh thought these were handcuffs

Papa, Daniel, & Gabriel next to a giant squid

Hard to believe, but this giant squid was a 2-3 yo female, and 36 ft. when alive


Alisha in an exhibit about bones.  Perfect timing as she was putting together a report for her writing class on bones

So cool that we were @ the Aquarium days before, and looking @ live Sting Rays, then here you can see the skeleton of them

Daniel in the  Insect Exhibit.  He really enjoyed this interactive area.  You could touch something, and it would show you where that insect would be located in the home.


Daddy & Gabriel reading about Termites

We got to see an "Australian Walking Stick insect" up close, and she was even laying eggs(look closely in the lady's hand and you can see one)

A "Madagascar hissing Roach"

There were a few people there that day

Papa & kids

Mommy, Gabriel, and Mariann, w/ a giant Quartz behind us

The famous Hope Diamond

The Monument

Papa, Daddy, and kids in front of the Monument

Yturaldi's in front of the Monument

Daddy & his boys by the Monument, with the Capital in the background

Papa & boys by the Monument

Papa, Daddy, & the boys(yeah it was a little windy)

Andrew up close by the Monument







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