Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Papa's Visit, part 1

Papa came last Monday, and left Saturday.  We had a lot of fun, got some projects done around the house, and even went to the Baltimore Aquarium, and to the Museum of Natural History in DC, as well as the Monument.


Here is Papa w/ the boys the 1st time he was here, getting ready to eat Salisbury steak that Alisha made.  Soo yummy!

It was so good!

And here is the yummy rainbow cupcakes she made for dessert

Mariann enjoying hers

Papa took the kids to Toys R Us(a tradition that the kids LOVE).  Here is Daniel with his new fake food

Daddy & Alisha figuring out her new toy

Amazing how Gabriel made this ....

Into this....

The guys working on legos


Andrew working on his set

All done

Josh building one of his new sets

Josh & Mariann

Mariann w/ her new baby doll

More to come....



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