Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soccer Season

Soccer Season is finally here, after our 1st two games being cancelled due to bad weather.

Daniel & Josh are both on the "Pirates".  This is just before the game started

Alisha and the "Lady Hawkeyes."  It was low to mid 50's so a little chilly

Baby girl in her princess chair


Alisha playing goalie, no action yet(her team won 4-0)

Go Josh!!

He's got the ball

Coach talking to Daniel

Daniel & friend

Pretty baby girl running off energy

Josh kicking

Daniel throwing the ball in

Goal kick

That's my girl, Go Alisha!

Good shot!  Almost a goal.  These girls played hard, and were missing at least 4 players today

Another action shot

Josh(not sure what he is doing, hehe)

Daniel trying to get the ball

"Good game"

Daniel really enjoyed this part. He is not even 4 yet, and already loves Soccer as much as the rest of the kids

Best of the 3 soccer players this season(Josh didn't want to put up his DS)


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