Thursday, September 29, 2011

PA Trip

2 weeks ago we took 2 days and went up to PA. The 1st day we went to the Hershey Factory. We enjoyed the tour ride, and making our very own chocolate bars. We even got to design the cover for them. From there we drove to Easton, PA and stayed the night. The next morning we took the kids to the Crayola Factory. September is Home School month. It is a great discount, and barely anyone was there. They enjoyed watching how crayons are made, and even got a brand new crayon. We learned that if you run a dried out marker under warm water, put the cap on, and lay it flat for 24 hours it should work again. We had lots of fun working with Model Magic. If you haven't bought any, it is so much fun. It is white, and you can make it any color just by using Crayola markers. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our trip...

Link to PA Trip pictures

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