Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fellowship, anyone?

Fellowship is something I think we were made to do.  After all God made Eve for Adam.   I am a people person, and I love to get together with friends.  Since we have lived in the DC area, and my husband has a job with no definitive schedule it has made it a challenge.  I badly want to have friends over, but before I know it he gets a message saying he is now needed this day, and not that to go away. 
I am either tired from a week filled of activity, or find out he will be home with us, and family time is so intermittent with this job that I then want to cancel so we can just be together as a family.  This area is an on the go, hustle, and bustle type of place.  Yes I am from NY, but I haven’t lived there in 17 years.  I like the slower paced life where people get together for a meal, let the children play, and have nice conversation.  Today you may wave to your neighbor a few times a week, or see a friend, and talk about how you would like to get together, but really how often will you? 

I long for getting together with people, but I think I will just have to accept that will not happen very much.  At least in this season of life.  If you got an invitation to come over from me, and I then asked to cancel, please don’t take offense.  It could be a week like this one where my husband has had many changes to his schedule, and I am just trying to get meals out, clean laundry, and caring for my own sweet family.    

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