Saturday, August 16, 2014

How our family does Birthdays

Birthday parties are something everyone loves having, and going to.  Once upon a time we did have the bigger parties.  At the time I thought it should be that way.  Big, $200 plus spent, and lots of planning, stress, and left me exhausted.  I met some dear ladies that taught me it didn’t have to be that way.  I started to think the Birthday party seemed more about the guests than the person we were actually celebrating.  Food, decorations, goody bags.  I also feel that it makes the people coming feel obligated to buy gifts.  While that is nice, our kids don’t need more “STUFF”, and we really just enjoy others company.  I started to change my perspective, and realize the day is about the person we are celebrating.  What do you think of when you think “Party?”

Food:  In our home we let the birthday person pick the menu.  What their fav. Foods are.  For some it may be Pancakes, some a pop tart.  It is usually stuff I don’t make on a daily basis, therefore making it extra special.  We may take the child out for lunch or dinner.  Many times we make the cake, but we also buy them too.  With 3 birthdays in May, 1 June, 2 July, 1 August, 1 September, 2 December plain cake gets boring so we like to change it up, and try cookie cakes, ice cream cake, etc.

Decorations:  My kids are into themes.  My oldest loves to help with this.  She is our planner.  I also LOVE the $1 store for decorations, table clothes so no mess to clean up that day.   Just wipe, it and go.  I have found I can get some at Target or other places that are little thicker, and will hold up to 10 people for 3 meals.  I like to put a birthday sign up, some streamers.  Whatever time allows for, and again to have the birthday person feel special.

Presents:  We like to get something of interest whether it be clothing, book, or something they are into.  For example:  Our soon to be 5 year old is loving horses.  I found a horse outfit, and bought her a horse sticker book.  I love showering my children with gifts on their day, so trying to keep it to things of interest, but things that they need.  Clothing, and books you cannot go wrong.  Especially for a 5 year old girl.

We do still have parties, but usually just a few friends, and every 2-3 years.  I am not saying this is for everyone, but this is what has worked for us.  There is nothing wrong with those who love to throw BIG parties.  For our family this is what works : )

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